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Expect Respect® Program Manual

Program Overview

The Program Overview summarizes research on teen dating violence prevention and describes the Expect Respect Program.

Part I: Expect Respect Support Group Curriculum and Facilitator Guide
(24 group sessions)

Expect Respect groups serve vulnerable youth who have experienced violence in their homes or dating relationships. Support groups help teens heal from past abuse, learn skills for healthy relationships, and prevent future victimization and perpetration.

Part II: SafeTeens Youth Leadership Curriculum and Facilitator Guide
(8 lessons)

The SafeTeens curriculum empowers youth to become role models and leaders in preventing dating violence, sexual harassment, and bullying.

Part III: School-Wide Prevention Strategies

Strategies include developing school policy concerning dating violence; assessing school climate; and engaging students, teachers, and parents in school-wide prevention activities. Materials from Choose Respect, a primary prevention initiative developed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, are featured in this section.

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Expect Respect™: Engaging Schools and Communities in Promoting Healthy Teen Relationships and Preventing Dating and Sexual Violence

This 1-day training is designed to assist advocates, school personnel and other community partners in developing a comprehensive dating and sexual violence prevention program. This training is provided in your community and customized to meet your needs. Please contact us for a sample training agenda and budget.  We now offer a certification for sites who complete the full program training.

Training Participants