Are you concerned about controlling and harmful dating behaviors among your students? Would you like to create space in your classroom for a thoughtful discussion on healthy relationships? Are you a coach who would like to encourage student athletes to be role models on and off the field? Do you want to sponsor a student leadership or service learning project focused on bullying, harassment and dating abuse prevention? Check the Youth Leadership page for examples of creative and engaging projects led by youth.

Curricula and Other Resources

Expect Respect® Program Manual (2010)

The manual consists of a support group curriculum (24 sessions), youth leadership training (8 lessons) and school-wide prevention strategies. Training is also available.

Advisory Lessons for Middle and High School

Five sequential lessons serve the advisory goals of supporting character development, healthy adolescent development and positive peer culture. The activities address bullying and cyberbullying, sexual harassment and healthy dating for adolescents.

Middle School Advisory Lessons (2014), High School Advisory Lessons (2008), High School Advisory Lessons (2015)

Healthy Relationships Quiz

Each relationship is unique, but all healthy relationships have a few things in common. In a healthy relationship there should be trust, support, respect, equality, and it should be fun. Take this quiz and find out if your relationship is healthy.

Sound Relationships

Music, like food, can feed our brains and give us energy. But it can also be filled with negative and harmful ingredients. Evaluate the relationship ingredients of the music you are listening to.

Expect Respect 5K Relationship Challenge!

Don’t let the “5K” fool you. Our 2016 National Teen Dating Violence Awareness and Prevention Month campaign does not require running shoes. We are challenging students to TalK about relationships; Know their expectations; Evaluate their relationship sKills;  BreaK up when it’s not working and Get LiKes by sharing what they love or respect about someone at #iexpectrespectatx on social media.
The Toolkit contains morning announcements with tips for healthy dating and posters that invite students to access QR codes/URLs using their phones to watch, play and learn about healthy relationships.  

Childhood Trauma - Changing Minds

New research shows that witnessing traumatic events, like domestic violence, shootings, or even fighting, can impact the physical development of a child’s brain — potentially leading to lifelong health and social issues. But you can help reverse the effects. This site will teach you about the science of childhood trauma, and how five everyday gestures can make a world of difference: Listen, Comfort, Collaborate, Celebrate, and Inspire


AUDRIE & DAISY is an urgent real-life drama that examines the ripple effects on families, friends, schools and communities when two underage young women find that sexual assault crimes against them have been caught on camera. From acclaimed filmmakers Bonni Cohen and Jon Shenk (The Island President, The Rape of Europa), AUDRIE & DAISY — which made its world premiere at the 2016 Sundance Film Festival — takes a hard look at American’s teenagers who are coming of age in this new world of social media bullying, spun wildly out of control.

Lesson Plans are available for middle and high school students. 

Gender Matters

In 2011, EngenderHealth launched the 5-year Gender Matters project (Gen.M) in Travis County, Texas, where the teenage pregnancy rate exceeds that of the state’s. Texas currently has the third highest teenage pregnancy rate in the United States, with more than 73,000 girls becoming pregnant each year.

Focusing on youth ages 14 to 16, the program was piloted in partnership with SafePlace and the Travis County Summer Youth Employment Program.
Gender Matters comprises three components: 1) a five-day educational workshop, 2) a text message and Facebook campaign that reinforces messages about healthy behaviors, gender norms, and peer support, and 3) a series of three community events that further underscore the messages from the workshop and text message/Facebook campaign. Columbia University’s Mailman School of Public Health, another partner, is conducting a comprehensive evaluation of the project.

Dating Abuse: Tools for Talking to Teens, a project of Jewish Women International and the Avon Foundation for Women.

Healthy relationships are based on respect, equality, trust, support, and love. In a healthy relationship, both partners feel strong, are able to communicate honestly, pursue their own interests, and are willing to negotiate and compromise. Learn more about healthy relationships with the tools and resources provided here.

Choose Respect

Causing Pain: Real Stories of Dating Abuse and Violence, is an award-winning program that features true stories of youth, parents, and professionals who have been in, or witnessed, abusive relationships. The video utilizes their experiences and insights so that youth and parents can recognize and prevent dating abuse in their own lives, or in the lives of others.

Youth Version (13 min.)

Watch on YouTube



Purchase a DVD/CD combo package here.

Additional Materials:

Video Discussion Guide; Healthy Versus Unhealthy Relationships; Developing Healthy Relationships: A Role for Adults; The Dos of Talking About Healthy Relationships; Warning Signs

Austin ISD Respect For All

The Austin Independent School District is dedicated to providing a positive school climate and believes that all students have the right to learn in an environment free of harassment, bullying and violence. Respect For All provides information on AISD Policies and Research including Student Rights and Responsibilities and Complaint and Reporting Procedures.

AISD Student Health Services Dating Abuse Screening and Response Protocol

This protocol is a guide for identifying youth who are experiencing unhealthy or abusive relationships and for assisting them in increasing their personal safety. It can be used to assess and educate all middle and high school students in the school health setting about abusive and healthy relationships.

The National Dating Abuse Helpline

The National Dating Abuse Helpline offers real-time, one-on-one support from peer advocates for youth, parents, teachers, clergy, law enforcement, and service providers. The National Dating Abuse Helpline is a 24-hour resource that can be accessed by phone or the internet, specifically designed for teens and young adults. Chat, call 866.331.9474  or text:  loveis to 22522

Futures Without Violence

Futures Without Violence is developing innovative approaches to prevent teen dating violence across the nation. The website includes fact sheets, guidelines for creating a teen safety plan and resources for teens, parents, teachers and coaches.

Hanging Out or Hooking Up. Clinical Guidelines on Responding to Adolescent Relationship Abuse

This resource focuses on the transformative role of the adolescent health care provider in preventing identifying and addressing adolescent relationship abuse.

Lessons from Literature

Lessons from Literature is a free online resource that gives English teachers a framework to use the novels, poems, plays and stories they are already teaching to help their students build healthy, non-violent relationships.

Coaching Boys Into Men

Athletic coaches play an extremely influential role in the lives of boys and young men. The Coaching Boys Into Men initiative invites men to teach boys to build respectful and non-violent relationships. Violence never equals strength. A toolkit and resources for coaches are available for download. Click here for 8 Ways You Can Coach Boys into Men.

That's Not Cool is an interactive website for youth that aims to raise awareness about digital dating abuse. It addresses problems like unwanted and disrespectful texting, pressuring for nude pictures, and breaking into someone's e-mail or social networking page. The site includes a discussion board, videos, and callout cards.

That’s Not Cool Lesson Plans are designed to help teens think critically about the ways they use technology in their relationships and to prevent abuse. The five lessons include cyber-bullying, “sexting”, over-texting, harassment, controlling behaviors, and privacy protection. They can be used in conjunction with the That’s Not Cool website and videos created by Austin teens.

That’s Not Cool - Lesson Plan (2010)

Start Strong

Start Strong was the largest initiative ever funded to target 11- to- 14-year-olds and rally entire communities to promote healthy relationships as the way to prevent teen dating violence and abuse. Expect Respect together with ten other communities participated in this national program from 2008 – 2012, funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) in collaboration with Futures Without Violence. The website provides information about the initiative and resources for educators, parents and teens.

A School Policy to Increase Student Safety, Promote Healthy Relationships and Prevent Teen Dating Violence Through Improved School Climate

To support schools looking to foster a culture of healthy relationships and prevent teen dating violence, the national Start Strong Initiative developed the “School Policy to Increase Student Safety.” This policy toolkit is unique because it offers schools best practices around the prevention of dating violence, as well as guidelines for early intervention and crisis response.

Texas Association Against Sexual Assault (TAASA)

The Texas Association Against Sexual Assault is committed to ending sexual violence in Texas through education, prevention, and advocacy. Among recent major initiatives is Break the Box, a  media-based public awareness initiative aimed at ending sexual violence through education and action against gender inequality.  The initiative consists of a short video, video discussion and activity guide, and posters that support the messaging in the video.

Texas Council on Family Violence

TCFV provides information and resources for preventing family violence, teen dating violence policy in Texas, and engaging teens. Each February, the Texas Council on Family Violence promotes National Teen DatingViolence Awareness and Prevention Month through a statewide campaign, Young Hearts Matter. The campaign includes a toolkit and resources for use throughout the year to incorporate Young Hearts Matter into your ongoing work with young people.

Men Can Stop Rape

Men Can Stop Rape mobilizes boys and young men to use their strength for creating a culture free of violence and especially prevent men's violence against women. Young men are taught to rethink traditional ideas about masculinity and to see themselves as allies to women and girls in supporting gender equality in relationships.

A Call to Men

A Call to Men works to create a world where all men and boys are loving and respectful and all women and girls are valued and safe. A CALL TO MEN has created the LIVERESPECT  program to provide educators, coaches and mentors with tools to help raise awareness about gender stereotyping and prevent the use of violence and abusive behaviors, while teaching nonviolent and respectful behavior. Curriculum and educator's guide can be downloaded for free.

Love Is Respect

Love is Respect provides videos, activities and campaigns for youth and live chat and phone counseling through the National Dating Abuse Helpline.

Break the Cycle

Break the Cycle provides curricula, resource materials, videos and information for schools and service providers.  Break the Cycle also hosts an online hub for activities during National Teen Dating Violence Awareness and Prevention Month in February at

Love What's Real - Center for Healthy Teen Relationships

The website provides information on dating violence and many creative opportunities for youth to get involved in preventing and ending dating abuse.

Coach for America

Coach for America aims to inform, inspire and initiate individual, communal and societal change that will empower men and women to be their very best – personally, professionally and relationally. Named "The Most Important Coach in America" by Parade Magazine for his work transforming the culture of sports, Joe Ehrmann harnesses the power, purpose and responsibility of coaching.  Ehrmann speaks of a "crisis of masculinity" underlying many of our nation's problems that can only be cured if  boys and girls can be who they are and reject stereotyped images of masculinity and femininity. 


GLSEN, the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network, aims to ensure safe schools for all students, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity/expression. GLSEN works to educate teachers, students and the public at large about the damaging effects of homophobia and heterosexism on youth and adults alike.

Before You Hook Up: Dating Rights and Responsibilities

For teens who are just beginning to date, knowing how to behave in a relationship can be tricky. In this program, teens learn the essentials of a healthy partnership, including trust, communication, respect, and conflict resolution. Video and teacher guide about healthy teen relationships produced by Human Relations Media featuring Expect Respect staff and youth leaders.