Educational Theatre

Changing Lives

The Changing Lives Youth Theatre Ensemble is a unique and exciting collaboration between Expect Respect and Creative Action. Teens from across Austin work together to create original theatrical performances that spark conversations with their peers about healthy relationships, diversity and important community issues.

Each year in the fall, the ensemble learns how to be youth activitists as they investigate relationships, dating violence, sexual harassment and bullying. They work together to devise a play in order to raise awareness of these issues and encourage other teens to be active bystanders and take a stand against discrimination, violence and abuse in their schools and communities.  In the spring, the ensemble tours the play to schools, conferences and community events across Central Texas.  Since its inception in 2003, over 21,000 youth and adults have attended performances. Changing Lives is nationally recognized and was featured in a KUT Documentary, by Ahora Si, KXAN and MyFoxAustin.

The Play

  • Is created for a middle school audience
  • Addresess bullying, sexual harassment, cyberbullying, sexting and dating abuse
  • Calls on youth to become active bystanders
  • Includes opportunities for dialogue with the audience

Tour and Booking

  • Booking for Changing Lives begins in October and space is extremely limited. Booking is free of charge.
  • Priority is given to schools or events where we can perform for an entire grade level(s) or a majority of the school.
  • We can provide lesson plans as well as ideas for activities in the classroom to extend the conversation after the performance.
  • For more information visit Booking is free of charge. Click here to access the online booking form. 
  • Contact Meg Greene for any questions and to discuss your preferred performance dates.

Where's Your Line? 

This Theatre for Dialogue Program provides an interactive performance for high school students, performed and facilitated by college peer educators. The program was created for juniors and seniors to help them consider the unique challenges in their relationships as they move into life after high school. 

  • Performances for small audiences of 25-75 students to invite participation and dialogue.
  • Contact Meg Greene for any questions and to discuss our preferred performance dates. Booking is free of charge. Click here to access the online booking form.

2016 Playing Against the Roles

Every day we are bombarded with messages about our gender - from friends, our families, school, and society. We’re told how to act, how to dress, how to express ourselves, all based on our assigned gender. This play investigates how teens can navigate and push backagainst roles that don’t fit them. How do these roles get in the way of connecting with friends and dating partners?

2015 Breaking Up with Ever After

This play exposes the unrealistic expectations that fairy tales teach us about relationships, especially the idea that we'll magically meet one true love and simply live "Happily Ever After."

2012 Outside the Box

Outside the Box is a play about 7 students coping with the drama of high school in a world where labels have become unspoken law and create havoc in their relationships.

2011 Reach Out/Speak Up

When Claire, a new student, becomes the target of a cyberbullying campaign, she realizes she does not know where to turn.

2010 Perhaps Tomorrow

A play about friendship, rumors and finding the courage to make a difference.