Expect Respect®, a program of SAFE | , engages youth, parents, schools and communities in building healthy relationships and preventing violence and abuse.

Changing Lives Youth Theatre Ensemble 2017: Level Up: An Epic Relationship Adventure

Join us for the season finale of Level Up: An Epic Relationship Adventure

Vortex Theatre, May 24 and 25 at 7pm

This play tracks the journey of 4 teens who “create a new game” to solve their problems: Alex overcomes their extreme anxiety to find a community of supportive friends; Ray learns how to seek safety from domestic violence; Jade finds her voice to stand up to her girlfriend’s pressure to come out to her dad; and Zara discovers how to navigate the complexity of maintaining her Muslim heritage while embracing her identity as an American teenager. The play explores how challenges with our families can complicate our dating and peer relationships. Ultimately the characters discover the power of agency, community, allies, and assertive communication to address their problems and strengthen their relationships.

Expect Respect Toolkit for Teen Dating Violence Awareness & Prevention Month

Students across Austin and the U.S. will be promoting safe and healthy teen relationships. The Expect Respect Program is pleased to provide schools with a toolkit, including posters, stickers, morning announcements and an advisory lesson activity. Watch the PSA created by the Manor KREW, a program of the African American Youth Harvest Foundation.